Raising Happy Children

“Don’t Cry” - Why We Need to Stop Saying It

Parenting Advice
Parents often tell calm their crying children by saying things like "don't cry" but this seemingly harmful phrase is doing a lot more damage than you think. This post outlines why suppressing children's emotions is so harmful and suggests some alternatives to replace it with when a child is upset.

Why Over-Praising Your Child
is Hurting Their Self-Esteem

Why Over-Praising Your Child <br> is Hurting Their Self-Esteem
As a parent, a big part of your role is to support and encourage your children and praising them is a very common way to do that. However, a recent...

Recognising Anxiety in Children - A Checklist for Parents

Anxiety in Children
Early detection of anxiety in children is crucial for teaching them coping mechanisms that will prevent them from developing mental illness in the future. Use this checklist for identifying signs of anxiety in children and read our tips for helping children cope with their feelings of anxiety in a healthy way..